Lilycee Beauty is a Skincare brand born out of the need to find Bodycare products that nourish skin without compromising the quality of ingredients.

For years i struggled to find products in Canada that alleviated my dry skin during winter but all the products i found were either not long-lasting or left my skin even drier and irritated. After much research, i decided to start formulating my own Bodycare products with Shea butter- (Extracted from shea tree nuts in Africa Loaded with antioxidant, anti-aging, and emollient properties to create a barrier, sealing in much-needed moisture in your skin

Fast-forward a couple of years now, Lilycee Beauty offers an array of delectable Whipped Shea body butter infused with a blend essential and fragrance oils to nourish and lock in moisture in your skin and hair. Enjoy a non-sticky, non-greasy luxurious shine and feel, all day long